Places to Go

From Bray to Greystones on the cliff trail

Stretch your legs and escape the city.

Just south of Dublin is the seaside resort town of Bray, full of shops and hotels and happy vacationers. The town is also the northern terminus of the Bray to Greystones cliff walk, a 4.3 mile trail winding between Bray and its southern neighbor.

If you’ve recently been crammed into coach on a trans-Atlantic flight, this is the antidote.

Take the DART south to Bray — the second-to-last stop on the line.

Just south of the Bray DART station is the beachside promenade, a mile-long walkway ending in the shadow of Bray Head. Follow the path up the hill: Your adventure begins here.

The trail is well maintained and popular with hikers, and the walk is easy to moderate, with inclines at the beginning and end. Bring a water bottle and a camera: The route is lined with sweeping views of the blue-green ocean and mysterious staircases leading into the hillside and curving train tracks and steep bluffs blanketed with yellow gorse.

In Greystones, treat yourself to an ice cream cone. Find the DART station and catch a train back to Dublin and your favorite pub.

If you time it right, the train will pull up to the platform just as the rain begins to pour, and you’ll squeeze into a car next to dozens of people young and old, soaked and excited and decked out in team colors, bound for the big rugby match in the city.


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