Things to See

4 Dublin day trips

Brimming with beautiful, historic treasures, Dublin is ready and waiting for visitors: Add these spots to your Ireland travel bucket list.

  1. Forty Foot. Located just south of Dublin in the suburb of Sandycove, this scenic swimming spot is easily accessible by bus or DART. Immortalized by the writing of James Joyce and the memories of generations of Dubliners, it’s the perfect place to take in a sunrise, go for a dip and meet some of the hardier locals.
  2. James Joyce Tower & Museum. This museum — housed in a classic Martello tower — is free to the public.
  3. Malahide Castle & Gardens. Just north of Dublin, the castle’s spacious grounds are full of history and stunning period architecture. Learn about the history of the Talbot family — the castle’s former occupants — and enjoy a refreshing stroll through the gardens.
  4. Dalkey Castle. Dalkey, a quiet suburb just south of the city, is a picturesque place to enjoy lunch and learn a little local history. Located in the middle of town, Dalkey Castle is hard to miss, and a tour is the perfect way to see it all from the inside.

Malahide Castle, nine miles north of Dublin, Ireland.


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