Ways to Save

5 tips for traveling on a shoestring budget

Whether you’re traveling to another continent, another county or just a different part of the city, save money with these easy tips.

  1. Try Kayak Explore. This platform serves up low-budget destinations reachable from the airport of your choice. With a little flexibility, you can find affordable options all over the world.
  2. Book small. Can’t find a cheap flight to your ultimate destination? Look for low-cost fares to other hubs, then book a cheap flight on a low-budget regional carriers. Airlines like Ryanair offer flights for as low as $20, which means flexibility and savings.
  3. Use public transportation. From trains and trams to buses and rentable bikes, public transportation offers a convenient, cheap way to get around in many parts of Europe and the rest of the world. Print or download route maps before you travel, and find the nearest stations and stops. Many services offer apps with schedules and route information. Don’t forget to ask about punch cards, day passes or week passes (depending on the length of your stay) — they’ll save you money and make the experience that much more convenient. Try purchasing the Eurail Pass.
  4. Get ready to walk. Pack comfortable shoes and prepare to spend a lot of time on your feet. If you’re willing to walk a little (or a lot), you’ll experience your destination in an entirely new way and save money while you’re at it.
  5. Buy ahead. When possible, book tickets and passes ahead of time. You’ll sometimes find special deals and promotions, and avoid the hassle (and occasional added cost) of last-minute purchases.

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