What to Pack

7 carry-on essentials for international flights

Boarding the plane for that dream vacation? Carrying these essentials will make the trip easier and more comfortable.

  1. A water bottle. You’ll have to fill it at the gate, but if you want to hit the ground running on the other side, it’s important to stay hydrated on long international flights.
  2. A phrasebook or guide. Prepare for your upcoming adventure by brushing up on the local language, culture and history. You’ll appreciate your trip that much more.
  3. Gum. Battle airplane pressure shifts and make friends with your seatmates.
  4. Snacks. If the airplane meals don’t cut it, you’ll be glad you brought a few granola bars or packs of mixed nuts.
  5. Scarf. It can be a pillow, a blanket, a makeshift eye mask — whatever you need.
  6. Copies of travel information. Your AirBnB address, the name of the connecting train station, the bus route number: Copy all your vital info into your phone and a notebook. While you might refer to your phone most of the time, you’ll appreciate a paper record if something happens to your phone halfway through a 23-hour trek.
  7. Chargers and power adapters. If your trip includes long layovers and even longer flights, don’t be left high and dry with a dead phone/iPod/etc. Be prepared and carry small chargers and power adapters with you.

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