Things to See

Amsterdam by foot, bike and boat

A multicultural, magical city, Amsterdam spans the spectrum, from bustling urban scenes to quiet, pastoral neighborhoods. Crisscrossed by waterways and footpaths and bike lanes, it’s easy to travel by foot, bike or boat.

  1. The Nine Streets. Draped across Amsterdam’s canals, this quaint, photogenic neighborhood is the perfect place to spend an afternoon roaming, exploring the city on foot. Stop for coffee in a cafe, pick up a souvenir at a local shop and snap a photo on one of the city’s ubiquitous bridges.
  2. Schellingwoud. In this quiet, scenic neighborhood on the north side of the city, houseboats rest in the reeds, families stroll along the water’s edge and shoppers buzz in and out of Landmarkt, the neighborhood’s local grocer/farmers’ market. Enjoy a fresh lunch then rent a bike and follow the path east to Durgerdam, a picturesque village a few kilometers east.
  3. The canals. Book a tour at the dock in front of Amsterdam Central Station, then spend an hour or so cruising the waterways, learning about Amsterdam’s colorful past and seeing the city from a different elevation.



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